Friday, March 18, 2011

It's warming up!!!

Hello from the sunny North! It’s been lovely here! I think the lowest it got this week was around -15 *C, and that was with wind chill. Other than that it’s been around minus 5*C. The kids have really enjoyed the weather and have been spending a lot of time outside. I took Coyote and Bucky out for a ride almost to the end of our road. They both did pretty good. Bucky was totally excited to be out exploring and Coyote was in a hurry to get it over with so he was speed walking the whole time. Therefore we did quite a bit of work on slowing down and giving his head to my hands. I did eventually get off and walk the last mile home. Bucky was grateful. His legs are a lot shorter than Coyote’s, so he either has to drag the whole way or jog every couple of steps to catch up. Being a fat pony, he prefers to drag. LOL! My sister’s horse, Muckers, has the same problem, but she prefers to jog every couple of steps.  She’s a higher strung QH mare.
The same day I took my horses for a ride I took Sara out to visit the horses. She wanted to ride every one of them. But I only let her ride Coyote, Kid, and Red. She was excited to go and see the calves, chickens, and the turkeys. I got a couple pictures of Sara riding Coyote, he was the only one of the horses that I trusted to not move off when I stepped back to take a picture. 
 Today we have a ‘Ladies Time Out’ work day at the church then tonight we have youth. It should prove to be a full day. Ladies Time Out is the ladies get together that our church puts on every spring. This year it’s April 1st, the theme is Paris and lots of fancy stuff. It should be lots of fun. J
Last night Martha, Ellie, and I made around 3 dozen elk sandwiches for youth. Last time we brought them they were a big hit. J
            Well I’ll sign out for now. Enjoy the sunny weather! ~Lydia~  


Sara having fun!

Looking at the calves

Dudley and Sara

Cilla and Sara with Pippin

One of the turkeys


  1. Sara is darling! :)
    Oh, Paris is a fun theme! :)
    I love your photos; they are always so "farm and ranch" themed which I am familiar with!

  2. Hope you had fun with LTO! Sara looks like she's having so much fun with the animals. How quickly they grow up!!

  3. I am working on a letter for you! :)