Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well hello again to everybody! It's been a bit exciting around our place for the past little while. Our first cow calved on Monday. She had a little heifer calf, which Martha named Casey. Ellie's surgery was yesterday. It went well and she's now home recuperating. They found a torn ligament, which they repaired, and they also repaired the place where it's been coming out a lot. She has to wear the sling for 4 weeks, with a bit of physiol therapy. Then she goes for a checkup.    

Our neighbor's mare foaled. The filly is adorable.

I love her markings!

Sara and Casey.


                                                                      I like this picture! Martha got the name off of Ice Princess.


  1. Cute babies! The foal is so pretty and the calf is sooo cute! and so is your little sis :)
    glad to know that Ellie is doing well and was able to have her shoulder repaired, will pray it heals well!

  2. Thanks for the update! Such cute pictures! :)

  3. Thanks for the pictures and update. Seeing Ellie all wrapped up like that brings back memories. Glad she's doing so well.

    The babies are adorable. :D

  4. That calf is incredibly CUTE!! Casey is a great name too!

    Glad to hear that Ellie is doing well. Praying for her complete recovery!