Friday, April 29, 2011

From the 22nd

April 22nd
7 years ago today Dad met me at the door of our porch (a converted grain bin) as I was coming in from morning milking. He took me around back of the house to where our first three horses were kept. There he pointed out that my mare ‘Jenn’, had 8 legs. J I kept Jewel until she was 2 and then sold her, but here’s a happy 7th birthday to her. 8 horses later, I still haven’t had another foal born to any of my mares, but I looking forward to September 22nd as that is when Muckers, Ellie’s horse is due to foal.
Last night youth was really good! For our activity we played football. My team got beat 2-1, but hey! We had a blast! J I think that is the best time I’ve had playing football; it even started me thinking that I should try learning how to catch. I can throw the ball actually not bad (‘for a girl’ as Larry P. would say), but I can’t catch one to save my life. :-P But I can run and block people, so that’s what I did. As well as, sometimes running into my teammates, Josh M. or Benj T., (the ones that can actually throw and catch that ball. J ) when they were trying to catch the ball. But then I also ran into Jay S. and Jesse (my bro), from the opposite team as well. Jay and Josh both play football for the Preeceville Panthers (high school team), so they are two of the better players at youth.
The lesson at youth was on BETRAYAL.      Brad had each of us draw a picture of betrayal, then he had us explain it to the rest of the kids. After that he had us draw responses to betrayal and explain them as well. Then he had us read the story of the last supper and Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. Even Judas’ and Peter’s (his betrayers) feet were washed. Jesus knew what they were going to do, when they were going to do it, and he still forgave them, BEFORE the deed had been done. It made me remember a sermon that I heard once on forgiveness. The message was that forgiveness isn’t just saying ‘I forgive you’, and then saying in your heart, ‘God will take care of you’. No, it’s actually saying and forgiving the person. Forgiving, is actually leaving the deed behind you, buried, to never be dug up again. So you can continue learning more from Jesus and help each other grow in Him. You can’t be totally in sync with God when you won’t open up your heart totally and let Him take care of all the hurts. He already knows they are there, but He won’t force His way into your heart to help you. His help is a gift, just like His salvation. A gift is not forced on a person, because then it would not be a gift to be received but, a duty that has been placed on you. Am I making sense? Sometimes something will sound like I worded it totally right and then when I say it to one of my friends they give the weirdest looks. So if that wasn’t clear please tell me. J
 We got home last night around 12:30 am, and after brushing my teeth I headed to bed. But at 1:00 I hear this scratching sound. I turn one the light and after a little bit the noise stops. I turned off the light and after a good while finally relaxed and was almost asleep when the scratching noise starts again. Now, get this, regularly I’m scared of mice, but at 2:00 am I am TERRIFIED of them, even if it’s only the sound of them running. So now I’m shaking and if I had actually seen a mouse I think I would have screamed, as it was, I picked up my blankets and went up and slept on the chesterfield. Even then it took me a while to relax and quite shaking. Sound crazy? I’m more of a girl than you thought! LOL! I don’t know if I’ll sleep upstairs tonight or not though. If I have the dehumidifier on and some music playing quietly then I can’t hear the mice and I’ll fine. Plus I want to get Dad or Jesse to set up a couple of traps. Hopefully we’ll be able to get them taken care of. Last night I’m not exactly sure what all I prayed for to happen to the mice, but I do remember praying that they would die, or at least not move anymore. J   
Tonight we (Ellie, I, Trisha F. and Martha) are, Lord willing, going to a youth get together in Preeceville. Our youth group met on Thursday because of the Easter holidays. Two youth nights in one week sounds pretty good to me! J
         I’ll sign out for now. I hope you have/had a wonderful Easter.

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  1. Oh. I just love mice. :)

    Loved your thoughts. :hugs: Looking forward to spending time with you, my dear lovely.