Monday, December 12, 2011


 Many of you may have already heard, but I thought I’d tell anybody who hadn’t. J I was nervous before hand, but the test went well. Thank you to Lyle and Grace (my bosses) for letting me use their van. J

This is kind of a mixed up post, I wrote segments of it over a week or two. So if it sounds distracted, sorry. Life has been busy. Work is going well. We’ve cut down on the amount of wild game and are taking in beef, pigs, and sheep now. We had a pretty long waiting list for the domestic stuff. The last hunting season (Draw Elk) ends here pretty soon so we’ll be able to concentrate on just doing domestic stuff for a while. ‘Life’ has been throwing some pretty big  things at me lately (which you’ll read about), I’d really appreciate it if, when you think about it, you would pray for me. Also pray for me concerning my decision about going to college. Thank you.
J  Here’s the rest of the post….  
One of Ellie's sheep.

On the 28th of November, I drove in to Preeceville in the afternoon for a bank appointment, and of course, with it being my first time to drive without Dad or Mom to town, the van started acting funny. :-P I hit a bump and it just started shaking from side to side. Martha’s advice was to drive slowly and then stop in at West End Garage, and ask Dad about it. So I did about 80 (Km) the whole way in. We had lunch at The Farm House (REALLY GOOD! BTW!). I didn’t think that I was that scared about the van but I must have been, because when I was trying to stir my coffee I could have just held my hand ‘still’ and I could have stirred it. J  After I went to my appointment, we drove out to Clint’s (West End Garage). Thankfully the problem with the van was only that the front tires needed to be balanced. Dad knew it needed to be done, but he didn’t know that it was shaking that bad. So he gave me some money and had me run over the tire shop and get them balanced. After that was done Marty and I headed home, without any more problems. 

Fandango about a week before she was shot.

On the 7th my filly, Fandango was shot. Dad noticed that she wasn’t with the herd when they came in late in the evening while he was feeding the cows. But Zeke had seen her earlier in afternoon so we figured she was just lagging. I’ve been working every day and have only been home in the dark so the afternoon of the 9th being the first time I had daylight (we got off early), I went out and scouted the fence lines as she still wasn’t with the herd. I found and followed the blood trail at the back of the horse pasture. She walked about ¼ mile from where she had been shot. There are no wolf tracks, no cougar tracks, and she’s not all cut up on her back and haunches. My best bet is that she was gut shot by a late ‘draw elk’ hunter. It happened after dark, because Zeke was out around that area in the afternoon and he came in as it got dusky.    Sorry if I’m going on about it, I’m kind of shook up. Not really mad. I’m just sad about losing a horse, and a good one, to such a stupid thing. I would understand it more if a cougar or wolves got her. They have to eat, and I would still be upset about losing her, but why are there such IDIOTS out there? And why did they have to be hunting after dark on our well posted land? So, I guess I am rather mad about that part. Sorry. Life’s a little low for me right now. 


Our horse herd now. 


  1. Congrats on getting your drivers' license; that's a big accomplishment! (I still remember how I felt taking the test and what a relief it was to finally be done with all of that...)

    I'm so sorry that you lost your dear horse, Fandago. How sad that he was shot! =/ *hugs*
    Losing an animal/pet is not easy, I know. And such a pretty horse too!

    I'm praying for you. Making life decisions is difficult!

  2. Again, I'm really sorry about your horse. :( :hugs: I wish that people would show more common sense. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have guns.. or at least hunt without supervision. I get angry whenever I think about her suffering for so long.

    Congrats on the driver's license. :)

  3. Thank you for the congrats. And for the condolences. Fan was an awesome filly, sweet to work with a a beautiful horse. I was looking forward to seeing her foal in the spring. But Some things happen, and we can't do anything to bring her back. Just be more careful in the future. :-)