Thursday, March 29, 2012


I was training Coyote on Wednesday and had Cilla come out and take some pictures.  

Mom kinda freaked out about the pants. But so far Dad hasn't said anything... So, ::fingers crossed:: I'm hoping that he doesn't mind me wearing them for riding. 

Here I'm trying to get Coyote to yield his shoulder with an indirect rein and he's resisting.

Here he starts giving to the bit and moving his feet.

Now a yield to the knee. Kid watches.

Up in the yard to give the kids rides.

Sara say Hello.

Sara loves the animals! But she especially likes horses! 

Ruth gets a ride too!


And Uriah took this picture of Cilla getting a ride.


  1. Your pants fit you really well! Great shopping. :)

    Cilla takes decent photos. Tell her I said good job! Smiles.

  2. It's easier to ride in pants; I've never ridden without wearing pants =D
    I hope your parents' don't mind.
    Fun photos :)

  3. Yeah, I know that pants will be more modest for riding than even culottes. It's a lot simpler to get on and ride with out having to worry about tucking your dress/culottes in under your legs. :-)

  4. Remember that while you are under their roof yet... you are an adult and old enough to make your own decisions. :-) Hope you had a great week so far. You look good riding... I'm sure when the time comes for you to go to college you will be great. :-)

  5. Thanks Hannah! Trying to step out but at the same time not push the limit too far. :-)

  6. Moderation... and of course, always seeking God's will. I know you are very conscious of this. While I pray for you, I really don't worry about you, girl! :)

  7. Just keep the dialogue going with your parents. Honest communication is the key to healthy relationships with anyone :)