Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I was looking through my pictures and I found this one which I really like! 

                  This is one of the first rides I put on Elzear a Thoroughbred yearling. He was such a sweet heart.
From what I'm hearing from some people from the track in Saskatoon he's still a nice horse and they all like him.  This was taken in 2010 at the John Arcand place near S'toon. Thank you to John for taking the picture and thank you to Murray Hamilton for letting me work with his colt.

Here is Elzear during a workout at the track. Picture by Sara S.


  1. Now that horse, not to mention the photo, looks awfully familiar! ;) lol

  2. You got to see the real results of your work. That is so very awesome. I love the pictures.

  3. Well I saw pictures anyways. Sara Stinson (our new neighbor as of a year and a half ago) runs horses at S'toon and her trainer is the daughter of John and Murray's trainer. So Sara posted pictures from the track and Elzear and Beauchimen are two of the horses she knows well. She knows John quite well too. :-)