Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grad Day at NBC

Today was graduation day at Nipawin Bible College. Hannah is a second year graduate so she got to wear a gown , but not the hat. :-) She looks very pretty in her hand sewn green dress and a very pretty engagement ring! :-D They don't have a day set yet for the wedding, but it'll be soon. :-)
 Yesterday I took my beloved Coyote out for a ride. Other than him spooking and dumping me (he saw a moose a 1/4 of a mile away), I had a really good day! Today I'm stiff and sore. My fault for not riding as often as I should. I rode over to Wolfmueller's and had a really good visit with Gabi and her friend!

 As for something to show for the two days? Nothing! Not one single picture! Crazy me!
     Anyways I'm really tired and all from all day in the car, a late night and an early morning. :-)
         So, G'night!


  1. It's not going to be the 2nd? Btw, NO PICTURES?! Lol!

    I'm glad you had fun, though.