Monday, June 4, 2012

Changes to my life

I have had a few things change in my life lately. I believe they are good things! I moved out, will be getting a new job, had a sister get married, and now, I got my hair cut. I've been planning on getting my hair cut to donate for cancer for a little while now. So after the wedding and all I did it! I am loving the feeling of short hair! 

I thought I'd put a couple of pictures from the wedding here. :-)

Two of my best friends! I love these ladies! 

The lovely bride and very, very, VERY, happy groom! 
I'm so excited for them!


  1. Hey! I LOVE the new haircut! Sooooo cute!

  2. Thank you Bethy! I'm really enjoying the new hair! It's so easy to take care of! :-)