Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kids Camp

Kids camp was a SUCCESS!!! It was so fun to see everything coming together and then playing out beautifully! Our mentors just stepped back and had us run pretty much everything! Being a third year come back teacher, I had a hand in a lot of the planning. It was a lot more work this year than last! Emily and Booker worked the hardest out of all of us! Both are natural leaders so the rest of us turn to them regularly. Liam and I had a big class of 9 kids! We found out too late that we should have split the class in two, but they did learn a lot. :-)  I was very proud of them learning 7 chords (one, two, and three finger chords!)! It's a lot for those little hands to handle! Just learning how to hold the guitar and pick, and then figure out how to hold a chord... add some sore fingers, energetic/tired kids... It was hard, but we play a three chord tune at the end of the week for out presentation for the parents.
 I had so much fun hanging out with the teachers and counselors! Bugging the guys, chatting with the girls, trying to get Lucas to talk... :-) Bugging Mitch about his tongue slip-ups, (merging words, or saying something that sounded totally different than what he meant), discussing our class with Liam, talking until the wee hours of the morning with the teachers, and our famous last night, midnight swim!
I just said goodbye and see ya later this morning and already I am missing everyone badly! It's a good thing that tomorrow is the start of week one of regular music camp!
 Now off to take a shower, and do laundry! Then everything goes back in the bags. One night here and I'm back to where I love!
 This week I'll try and take pictures. Forgot to this week, though I'll try and steal some from Marlene and post them here. :-)

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