Monday, September 24, 2012

Fr. Banga's 40th anniversary and retirement

I had a wonderful evening yesterday! On the day before I had been texting my friend, Mitch, and he asked me if I was going to Fr. Banga's retirement mass and party... I hadn't heard of it. But as it turned out, at three in the afternoon on Sunday, Naomi, Jesse, and I (and Mitch, and Connie, and a lot of other people) were sitting in The Church Of Our Lady, in Carlyle. There was a really good service, and a little surprise at the end for Fr. Banga. Not only was it his retirement, but it was also his 40th anniversary as a Catholic priest. So Michele (from music camp) managed to get one of the instructors from camp, Donna Turk, to come and teach four of Michele's fiddle students Csardas (Sp??), Fr. Banga's favorite tune! So they came up and played it before the recessional. Fr.'s face just lit up! It was awesome!
 After church we headed over to the memorial hall for supper. Somehow we had managed to get Mitch two tickets, but it worked out because we had another friend, Connie, along, so she became "Lydia's friend Mitch". :-) The dinner was a flash back from camp, as the cooks were David and Shelley S. the cooks from camp. So good!  After supper, we had a little jam and Fr. Banga danced to almost every tune!

Fr. Banga

The fiddlers

Jesse and Sam... A few of the women did a skit before the fiddling, they were all dressed in nun habit. :-)
Sam's comment on this picture on facebook, "Just having a chat with Jesus, no big deal!"

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