Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is here!

I took this picture while out walking a while ago. The sunset was beautiful! You can tell fall is settling in. I love it!

I took this a couple of days later just as I was heading out on a walk. My cell phone takes surprisingly good pictures. 
I am quite enjoying the busyness of fall. I just started cleaning house today. I gave the bathroom a really good scrubbing (and reorganized the cupboards), then, after cleaning the cat litter, I moved on to the kitchen. Swept the floors, cleaned rugs, went through a couple of cupboards, etc. I managed to get through two allergy flares, one from the cat litter (I am allergic to cats), and the other when I discovered and cleaned out the mold in the coolers. But thankfully I haven't gotten too big of a head ache or sore throat. 
I took my guitar out to the deck and practiced a bit, until I got too cold and then I came in, and am now sitting at the kitchen table with a mug of hot chocolate, and eating halloween  candy. :-) Life is good!

Yesterday I got home from work, and when I walked in the door I was greeted with a delicious smell of garlic (good farm stuff), onions, and bacon simmering together! They were the base for an incredible potato soup that Naomi made! Dianna came over, and we made cheese and herb breadsticks (regular breadsticks, with grated cheddar cheese in the dough, rolled in melted butter, sprinkled with herbs, and baked!). For dessert we wanted to make peach cobbler, but Naomi couldn't find a recipe for the dumplings. She finally found one on the net. Di was mixing them up and after working through the recipe she discovered that actually what she was making was Australian dessert dumplings. That got her excited, as she is from Australia.   We ended up using some of the dough for dumplings on the peaches, and then made the dessert dumplings from the rest. Dessert dumplings is where you take the dumpling dough and put spoonfuls into a boiling mixture of butter, brown sugar, and water. Then you let them simmer for 20 minutes. They were so good! :-) The entire supper was delicious! I tried wine for the first time! It was peach chardonnay. Not too bad. 

Lessons start on the 2nd of October. I'm excited and nervous! So far I have 5 students. This weekend we are planning on going to Regina and doing some shopping for teaching books, and other teaching supplies. It'll be fun! 

To keep on with the horse posts...

This is Spooks Gotta Gun.
He is my idea of perfect coloring in a paint horse. White face (called a bald face), fish eyes (blue), four white socks, and a beautiful bay! 

Here is a shot of his fish eye.
Fish eyes are also known as, blue eye, wall eye, or glass eye.

Spooks Gotta Gun is a reining horse. Here he is shown preforming a sliding stop. The sliding stop happens when a horse is stopping from a gallop, and it sinks it hind end into the ground with continuing to run a bit with it's front legs. They have special wide plate shoes in the back, and protective boots on all four legs to prevent burns from the sand. 

Here is a video of Spooks Gotta Gun, preforming a reining pattern. 

All pictures and and the video of Spooks Gotta Gun were found here .

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