Monday, September 17, 2012

Riding outfits

For lack of something better, I thought I'd just post some pictures of different clothing styles in horseback riding.

This is a dressage rider, very classy and appearance is quite important. (Found here)

This is Cross country jumping. They tend to wear more protective clothing for this genre of english riding, as they are jumping quite big solid jumps. (Found here)

The other obvious style of riding that people think of is western.

One of my favorite cowboys to watch, Dale Clearwater, in the cutting pen. (Found here)

In western riding there are many different styles of clothing as well. 

One of my favorites is the vaquero style... it's a lot of class and show with a lot of silver used on bridles, saddles, chaps, etc. You'll notice the difference in the hats too, the vaquero style has a flat brim. (Found here)

A style a lot of people don't think or know about is the Australian stockman style.

You might recognize it from the movie The Man From Snowy River. (Picture Found here)

I love the Aussie riding clothes, and also find the saddles very comfortable for riding in. :-) (Found here)

And because most everyone loves to see the races here's a shot of your typical jockey outfit

One of my all time favorite horses, Zanyatta, with jockey Mike Smith aboard. (Found here)

I'll leave you with that. I hope you enjoyed looking at the different styles. :-) And don't forget our casual equestrians as well. 

Yep, we're all crazy! That makes life worth it!

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