Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I sat outside this afternoon getting a little sun before my student came. 

11 days until I leave for BC!

Here is how my day went:
Wake up with a sore throat and head ache
Start off my morning with a breakfast of almonds and pork&beans with ham in it
Started the laundry washing
Did the dishes
Cleaned the bathroom
Swept the floors 
Folded the laundry

And mixed in with all of this I worked on packing my stuff, that isn't going with me, away in boxes, and started packing my suitcases. 

My lesson went pretty well. Thankfully just one today. Hopefully by tomorrow my headache will be gone and I will be able to focus better for my three students. 
My schedule is packed! 

Tomorrow I have three students coming

Thursday I have my own lesson to go to and then two students coming.

Friday I have a riding lesson.

Saturday is the rehearsal for the students

Sunday is the recital 

Sunday evening Naomi drives me to Yorkton and then Mum picks me up and takes me home.
I hear that there will be a bonfire at Mum and Dad's that evening as well.

On the 28th I have a orthodontist appointment in Swan River.

The 30th I come back here.
That evening we are having a going away party for me on the deck.

The 31st we go to Regina
Stay over night at a friend's place

The 1st I fly out to BC! 

Do I sound busy enough?  

First on my list, to get over this cold. 

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