Friday, August 30, 2013

Learning to Dance Through Life

A lot of stuff has been happening, and a lot more to happen soon!

Appointments, work, coffee breaks (best coffee shop in town!), refresher course for a mare, running, and learning how to be a normal human. 
It's funny how much I thought I knew how to be an adult only to realize I was raised with ideology that seems to have come from the 1700s. 
Learning how to be a confident person, regaining the joy the was stripped from me, becoming myself again. That is the best way to describe my struggles. 

I have a lot of trouble seeing myself as the beautiful, talented, hard working, smart girl that I am. 
But I guess what you are led to believe for 20 years is hard to push away in a year and a half. I have the full support of my 'boss' and her husband. 
They couldn't believe the fact that someone would ever tell me that I'll never be athletic, or that my body is ugly. They have been telling me that I have the perfect body for almost any sport I would want to go into! 
In fact I am running with S. and am doing quite well. 
I have a lot of stamina for running and am already up to 5km after only a month of training. 
I have lost 15 to 20 lbs, and not only that but I have been doing stretches (my muscles have always been tight, never been able to touch my toes). 
I climbed on a fresh mare a couple of days ago and it felt like I was putting on a old comfy pair of jeans. I was ready for what ever she could give me. It's been a long time since I've climbed on a horse and felt that way! It sure feels good to be back! 

Next week I start school! 
I have around a year of upgrading to do. I am in a last minute panic as I try to decide whether to go to Lumby and doing computer work or going to Vernon to the college and doing actual classes. Vernon is a long ways to drive is the the only con there... Lumby I don't get the classroom experience... Agh... I hate making decisions!
It's right now that I really wish my parents had valued education and thought ahead to get us kids at least a grade 12. 
1930s grade 8 math just doesn't quite cut it. I don't know what they were/are thinking on those lines. 
For anybody considering, or in the process of homeschooling their kids, please, for the sake of your kids, get them through grade 12. They'll thank you!

It's cooling off as summer comes to a end... It's so weird that I've been here for 3 months already!  
A changed person!

Here's a couple of pictures
The barn on a rainy day... Max and I just chillin'

Cooper road, which I have run up a total of 3 times. This isn't even the worst part. Tom's description of Cooper road is that it's 'f***** steep!'

A little gelding I have been working with a bit. He's a sweet heart!

Sandra working with Khiva, the mare that I am now doing a refresher course on. 

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