Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My pretty, pretty girl

I lost a friend last night. 
A very good friend, one of the best I've had. 
She understood me.
She trusted me.
She helped me learn to love again. 
She would seek me out to say hi and give me a hug and kiss. 

My life has been changed for the better since I have met her, hung out with her, loved her, and learned from her. 

Khiva and her friend Pippy

Khiva, or Blanche, whichever we called her by, was seriously an amazing horse. 

She helped me heal from the pain of losing my filly years ago. She picked me and wouldn't leave me alone until I gave in and let myself love her. 

To most people she seemed like a pushy horse with a lot of fear issues. 
She actually was very affectionate. 
She loved to give me kisses and receive hugs. 
She would mouth my arm, not really biting, almost but she never hurt me while doing it. It was her way of saying hello. 

She will be missed by not only Sandra, Tom, and I, but by the rest of the horses as well. 

But I look at this picture and this is how I will think of her. 

Running with her friends. She has joined her baby that she lost last spring. 

Rest in Peace Blanche 
I miss you already


  1. Sorry for your loss. I know how important animals become in your life, especially when you devote such an enormous amount of time to them. They truly develop a relationship with you unlike no other! Stay strong!!

    xoxo Cale,
    The Sassy Friend.