Sunday, January 26, 2014

Smiling for now...

Life is still happening for me. 

School, work, plans, chores, music, research...
That is what has been occupying my time lately. I wanted to get inspired to sing again so I have been watching The Voice U.K. It did the trick. I have been well inspired. 
So singing again, playing again. I do love my music, it's just too bad that of course I lost all my speed and articulacy from not practicing for months. It'll come back, but it's painful for my ears. But, I shouldn't complain because it's my own fault. 

School is coming along. Work is going well. My plans are up in the air as always. Research is exciting (and scary). Chores are rolling along like they should. We did get a filly with an abscess in her front hoof, but thankfully she had been amazing for treating (soaking and bandaging with a poultice twice a day) so that makes it a little easier. 

On other news I have driven to the Kelowna airport twice now. Well technically once was only from the airport back home, but the other time was to and from. Both times were at odd hours (4 a.m. and the other time 10:30 p.m. leaving Lumby and getting back at 1:00 a.m.). I was happy that I managed both driving in the dark (in the mountains) and driving tired with out any problems. 

That is all from me for now.    

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