Thursday, January 16, 2014

And the Big News Is....

I am moving back to Saskatchewan! 
I am super excited!

Reasons for leaving BC:
I can't find more than a part time job. 
My living situation was only temporary and it's not working out as well. 

Reasons for going back to Sask:
Better job opportunities
Cheaper living costs. 
More available places to stay.
I already have my van there for a vehicle. 
Closer to my family 
(I miss the kids like crazy and hopefully I can handle being that close to my dad)  

On a different note
I got a package in the mail on Monday! 
My order from OneTen Clothing/JJW Designs came through!
I love my bunny hug and t-shirt! 
110 Clothing and JJW Designs are owned by my second cousin, Justin Wharton. 
He did an amazing job on my hoodie!

While I HATE mirror shots, that is the only way I could get a decent picture. So here you go!

 My customized hoodie! 

Always Give 110% 

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