Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December 2013 in recap

I hope that everyone is recovering from their new years eve party! 
I can hold over your heads the fact that I have absolutely no hang over what so ever! 
Of course that means I didn't go anywhere either. 
I sat at home, ate a steak, drank one beer and read. 

This morning I got up a little after 7, had a shower, ate my breakfast then headed out and fed the horses and cleaned the stalls. I am hoping to go riding this afternoon. 

I've had a few exciting things happen in December, here they are. 

Number One 
I got a job, part time and only till March, but it's a start anyways! 

Number Two
I got an award for Superior Work Ethic from the teacher that teaches my Pre-Calc course! Along with that I got a $10 Tim Hortons card. 

Number Three
My sister Ellie got married on the 15th! I didn't make it to the wedding but I did get to talk to everyone over FaceTime at the reception. 
Caleb and Elizabeth Ives!

Trisha F. Ellie, and Martha

My very beautiful sister!
And yeah... It was like -30* C plus windchill! Gotta love winter weddings in Saskatchewan!

My last exciting thing seems small but I had blast!

Number Four
I went downhill skiing for the first time! 
I made myself sick with nerves on Christmas day, because I had never met the fellow that I was going skiing with and I am rather paranoid about guys. 
Went skiing on boxing day at Silver Star and had a grand time even if I was still full of nerves and a little weak from being sick. 
The fellow had just gotten his level one ski instructor and he wanted to try out his teaching skills. I just had to rent skis, helmet, boots, and poles. 

I didn't crash near as many times as I thought I was going to. 
And I went down the big hill three times! 

Getting to the bottom of the hill for the second time. 

Riding the lift

So that's month in exciting moments recap. 

I look forward to 2014 and what it may bring!

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  1. Sounds like lots of things happening in your life, good things! :) SO happy you got to experience skiing, what fun for you! Our New Year's was low key too, spent with food and friends and playing games. :)