Monday, November 16, 2015

We are the grand daughters of the witches you weren't able to burn

You tried to sit us down, sew our mouths shut with our own needles and thread and kept us only in the kitchen because you knew how strong we were. You burned us at the stake, you beat us, you raped us, you bound us, shamed and spat upon us. 

One day we cut the ropes that bound us, in silence we struggled to our feet, we stumbled, we fell, we pulled ourselves back up with sheer determination.

We held onto one another to stay standing up right until our legs straightened and we gained our strength. We cut the threads that kept us silent and started to encourage each other, we built each other up with truths and love. 

We dug in deep and believed in ourselves. We found out that we had been lied to. We discovered why we had been bound. We weren't weak like you had told us, we were strong as hell.

We learned to carry ourselves with dignity. We maintained our class. We can look up with a smile and say 'fuck you' like it's a compliment. We can take criticism and use it to build our dreams into realities. 
We learned that it doesn't take brute strength to change the world, but rather a smarter plan and  determination. 

Sometimes we get a break and one of you gets it. You understand that we are human and that we are pretty badass! That gives us hope. There is light at the end of this long tunnel, the battle is showing signs of thinning. We are breaking through.

Finally we are almost free to embrace who we are. 
We are not meant to be bound. 
We must be free to go with the wind when it calls us. We need the rain to wash our souls clean. We need the danger to remind us that we're alive. 
Sometimes we are gentle. Sometimes we are strong and powerful. 

We are not a simply 'girls'
We are the most beautiful and dangerous storms you have ever seen.

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