Monday, October 31, 2016

Sometimes I get lost

Sometimes I get lost. 
Lost in the business of life, lost in someone else's life, lost in the world. 
Often times it takes something like a breakup or a close call to wake me up and remind me that I need to find myself again. 

I recently had a breakup. I found out that I had lost myself once again. I got lost in his world of deceit, rush, and alternate reality. 
After all this I wake up and find myself all turned around and I'm spinning in circles trying to find a path to take. 

My first choice has always been horses. I know that when I'm on a horse's back the stress and worries melt away. The path seems clearer, I understand the wrong and can see where to go. 

Life seems better. The world is less scary. The leather slides through my fingers, the smell of horse sweat, the saddle creaking, the steady fall of the hooves. My life seems to take shape, my future is bright, I have hope again. 
I untack when I get home, rub my horse down and thank him for the ride. A kiss is given and I turn him loose to join the herd. He walks a few steps and looks back at me as if to say, 'you gonna be okay?', I say, "you go on, love ya boy", and he turns and goes. 

Then I walk back to the house, found for another day and excited about my future. It'll be good if I have horses involved. 

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