Friday, March 27, 2009

An update for ya'll

Spring is coming! The wind is blowing! :-) The snow is starting to melt off a little bit. I think it's usually all gone by the beginning of May. Though once we did get snow on Ellie birthday (May 3rd). March is very unpredictable, who knows we could get a blizzard tomorrow, it's unlikely, but nobody would be too surprised.
Sara Edith was born on the 18'th! She's so cute! :-)

We've been here a little over a week. I'm loving it! Yes even the wind. :-) Because here the wind blows a LOT so the best thing I can do is, 'learn to love it'. :-) It does make going for a walk a bit challenging, but hey, it makes you appreciated the house! Yesterday Ellie, Zeke and I went for a two mile walk. It was about 20 F, the wind was blowing, but the sun was shining. So we wore face scarves, but pretty much didn't need gloves. :-) I have a bruised jaw from the cold. A couple of days ago Hannah and I went for a walk and my face started getting stiff and losing it's feeling. Not frostbite yet but it was starting. So of course I started rubbing it hard so as to get the blood working again. :-) As I said/shouted the other day to Ellie when we were walking into the wind, “The joys of walking on the prairie in the winter!” “Yup!” she replied. :-) It is fun, in a way. It would be even funner if we were riding horses. But we'd have to walk a long ways to get our horses, and then another long ways to get our saddles if we didn't want to ride bareback. I can't wait until we get on a farm!
The other day Ellie and I practiced music (fiddle and guitar) together. It was fun. We kinda got out of it for a while there, so some of the tunes were a bit jerky, but for the most part we did pretty good, if I might say so myself. :-) One tune we love to play is Black Berry Blossom. Ellie will play her version while I play back up, then I take the lead. I'm actually getting a little faster on it. :-) We also like to play Big Sandy River on the mandolin and guitar, as a duet. Music is so fun! :-) Well, until I get one of those days when 'nothing will work'. Then I pretty much have to put my guitar away for the day. Or else I get frustrated and then get discouraged and don't play for a week or so. Which isn't good either, so I figure that missing one day is better than getting frustrated and discouraged. :-) I do notice that I pretty much have to practice everyday or I have to really work hard to get every note right. I am looking forward to August this year! :-D Hopefully we can go to fiddle camp!
I finished my English book a couple of days ago! Towards the end they had assignments for me to learn to write letters. Mom told me that I didn't have to it as I pretty much know how to write letters. :-) I have about two and a half more school books to go through and I have to get them done by mid-May. It'll be different to not have school next year. I am looking forward to it though.
Dad and Jesse are hoping to go out to AB and pick up the horses sometime soon. They were going to go out on the 25th , but when Dad called 'Highway Hotline', this is what he heard, “Ice covered roads. Snow drifting. Zero visibility. Travel not advised.” So they decided to wait. Hauling seven horses on roads like that wouldn't be fun! When we do get them over here, we're planning on boarding them at a friend's place near Yorkton.
We were looking at land in the Jedborgh, Parkerview area. Jedborgh has two big PFRA community pastures nearby so that cuts down on a lot of grain/spraying in the area. A really big plus!
I guess that's all for now.

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  1. The roads were treacherous! Graham said it took Stefan and him 14 hours instead of the 6 that it should have to get to our place.