Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's springing here!!!

Greetings from a 'springing' Waldron, Saskatchewan! The ducks and geese are back, and t'other day Hannah and I saw some 'sand-hill-cranes'! I do love spring! :-)
Sorry it's been so long since I've updated here. :-( But hopefully I'll be able to get more updates/posts going again. :-)
We've been out looking at land quite a bit. Once when we were in the Good Spirit Lake area we saw four moose within a mile of each other! We didn't try getting out of the car. ;-D It might not have turned out too good! LOL!
Hannah and I found that Wal-Mart in Yorkton carries Gaither and EHSS Cds and DVDs. So we picked up two CDs and one DVD. I got GVB's CD 'Lovin' Life'. I have a hard time picking out which songs are my favourites, but I really like 'The Diff'rence Is In Me' and 'Prisoner Of Hope'. I'll have to see if I can find them on You-Tube sometime. I especially like the chorus of 'Prisoner Of Hope', it goes like this,
I'm a prisoner of Hope. Bound by my faith. Chained to Your love. Locked up in grace. I'm free to leave. But I'll never go. I'm wonderfully, willingly, freely... A prisoner of Hope!
I love it! The CD has encouraged me a lot. It also helps that it has my favourite tenor, Wes Hampton, on it! :-) Their voices go together so well, I would have loved to hear them sing live. But I'm sure the 'new' GVB sounds good too! :-)
Check out Gaithers and EHSS at, and . You can order CDs and DVDs from either of them.
Hannah got EHSS' CD 'Dream On', and the DVD of GVB and EHSS which is called, 'Together'. We are all loving the music! Enjoyed it some much we ordered more! :-) I'm beginning to think that this family is music crazy! :-) I lately got a CD from Jake Dewhirst ( It's called 'Shades Of Gray'. I really enjoyed it. If you like guitar music, I would recommend it. He has fast bluegrass tunes and then some really pretty finger-picked ones. His brother, Luke, plays the banjo, and his Mom plays the bass, he also has a couple of friends playing fiddle,while he plays the guitar and mandolin. The whole Dewhirst family has a CD out too. It's called 'A Joyful Noise'. It's a mixture of gospel bluegrass and some instrumental bluegrass. I really like it as well. Their website is, .
Dad and Jesse got the horses hauled to Yorkton a couple of weeks ago, and four of us went riding a week ago. It was a blast! :-) Our saddles are up in Manitoba, so Zeke, Mart, and I went riding bareback. Hannah borrowed a saddle from Eugene, as she knew Millie would more than likely buck a bit, and she did. :-) The only one who came off was Zeke. We were walking the horses, then I after asking if everybody was alright with it, put 'Pache into a canter. It was a slow canter, but then I heard Martha kinda give a bit of a yell, “KID!”. I was sure she wanted me to slow down so I started pulling up on Pache's rope. Then Hannah went by me on Millie at a pretty fast canter, with Mart and Kid right behind her, and Martha was kinda screaming, because Kid kept kicking his heels up in the air! I pulled Pache right down to a stop and watched Han and Mart slow their horses down. Then here comes Al running past me, where's Zeke?! I turned Pache around and seeing Zeke walking down to some walking down
to the ditch to put some water on his arm, I jumped off Pache and walked back to him. He looked like he'd had a date with the road, and kept it! :-) “Did Al buck?” I asked.
“No, he stopped!” Zeke had decided that he should slow Al down, so he pulled on the rope, and for once in his life, Al ST-OP-PE-d! And that's how he did it too! Bounce, bounce, bounce, on his front end and at the last bounce, put his head down! Later on Eugene got his Standardbreds hitched to his stagecoach and we had some fun out in the field! I'm still sore from riding for a couple of hours bareback after not having ridden for a couple months! But hey! It's what I would call a 'good sore'! :-)
Here's a note for Ray, if you read this blog, I'm listening to Martha practice guitar right now! I guess she took you seriously when you said, you'd be very unhappy with her if she didn't practice! ;-)
I guess this is enough for now. I'll sign out and leave you until next time. :-)
Little note here, I have Alpache forsale. I'm asking $2000 obo. I can email pictures.

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