Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Come to Music Camp This Summer!

Week One: Aug 3-7
Week Two: Aug 14-18

Early Bird registration ends on June 30th! You can still get in after June 30th but it costs more. 

If you don't want to come for the instruction, the nightly concerts are awesome!
Concerts are $8 a person per night, or $25 for the week. There is dancing to follow on all but the last night. The first three nights are instructor concerts (top class musicians all styles), and the last two nights are featuring students. The fourth night we get to try and explain a certain genre of music (Cross-Canada Challenge), by playing/singing/dancing/talking. The last night is the student concert where the groups get to play what they learned that week. 

It's a blast! Pull that instrument out of the closet, or come and try a totally new instrument! And don't forget to try out the square dancing (which you can still do if you just come for the concerts)! 
Oh, and by the way, I'm there both weeks! :-) 

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