Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life at it's finest? It's fun anyways!

Life has it's changes...
First, Naomi and Jesse are gone on a road trip, so I'm house and cat sitting. So far it's not too bad. :-) Both the cat and I are still alive, so all is good! 

One of the biggest changes in my life happened yesterday. My age changed from the teens to twenty! The 'Pharmasave chicks' bought ice cream cakes on the 9th, and then Paul and Dianne (Naomi's in laws) took me out to Club 19, at Kenosee for supper. We ordered cheese cake for desert and Cheryl (waitress whom I know from camp) brought it out with a candle and she, Paul, and Di, sang happy birthday. The cheese cake was really good! I also had my first virgin cocktail! Twas very nice! :-)  

At work we have all this Paderno kitchen ware that is on sale for really good prices. They are having a warehouse sellout. Anyways, after talking with the girls at work I decided to pick up a set of pots and pans. Normally it would be $700, but I was able to to get it for around $200. I am very happy to have it for my 'hope chest'. 
Other than that I picked up a puzzle and am having fun putting it together. I'll take a picture when I get it done. Then I think I'm going to send it up to the family. 

Kids music camp starts on the 28th of July! I've been practicing guitar, and hopefully have my music picked out that we will be teaching. My co-teacher, Liam E., is the same as last year. He's way better at me at playing guitar, but is younger so ends up as the junior teacher. Really excited for camp to come! 


  1. life has its changes!! I loved that :) It's really harmonic to classify changes this way, I mean like reflections to the life itself, rather than enforcing them into our lives.

    How could I hear some of your guitar playing, rehearsals, or trainings? Is it possible?

    Good luck!

  2. So far I have not recorded any music or done a music videos... Sorry.