Monday, July 16, 2012

Puzzles and camp... again...

So like I said I would, here's the picture of the puzzle that I was putting together. It's called The Hitchhiker. 

Here's a blurry picture of my class week 2 at camp last year! We had so much fun! Too bad Bob isn't coming back this year. :-( 
Back: Logan A., Aaron U., Bob Evans (instructor), Geoff,
Front: Me, Conner S., Marcel H., Logan, and Liam E.

For some reason I usually end up as the only girl in my class... Kinda funny, and after one day I don't notice it. I'm going to have some much fun this year! 
BTW, if my posts seem camp themed... sorry... I am only slightly excited for it to be coming! ;-) 12 days! 

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