Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rodeo Pictures

So here's some pictures of the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) rodeo out at Manor. 
At first I was like this horse is a brat, as he was rearing a bit. But then later when he got the bull's head and horns hitting his back end and he took it nicely... Yep I got respect for the horse and the cowboy riding him!

I don't know the names... :-) This is first round.

 One of the cowboys was from Montana! 

Some of the bulls came straight from the Calgary Stampede!

This guy, from either Carlyle or Manor, knocked heads with the bull as he came off and got knocked out cold! Thankfully he was up and walking around after about 10 minutes.

Second round... It got dark and stormy but only a little rain, otherwise it was beautiful!

Second round, eight out of nine cowboys got bucked off....

This dude riding Speckles, didn't get bucked off! 

This guy did. 

With a scores of 82 and 84, Aaron Roy, from Yellowgrass, Saskatchewan,  won the competition!

He was already one of my favorite cowboys... I had to get a picture with him! I got to meet his aunt who told me that he was hot... to which another cowboy standing nearby sarcastically replied, "Some people think so..."  I really don't care if he's hot or not.. I like his name and he rides well! So I'm a fan! :-)

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