Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time is faster than life

Time is whizzing by and in just a little more than a month I will be on an airplane heading back to Saskatchewan. 
I am so happy to have gotten this chance to live out here for as long as I have. I learned tons, I found out about my problems, and how to take care of them. I am a healthier person, mentally, emotionally and physically.

I am cramming on school, enjoying work, and fully enjoying a warm winter!

My job gets done on the 31st of March and I fly out on the 3rd of April. 
I am so excited to see Saskatchewan again! 
Seeing the kids more often, being with my horses, be able to go to music camp, see all my friends again, and everything else that comes with moving back to the province that adopted me 11 years ago and I call home.

Of course I'll miss the horses here, my friends that I have made at school, work, and coffee shops. 
I might miss be known as Lydia, not just, 'one of the Holter girls'. But then again, I can make myself stand out more now too. 

I now know that I can move two provinces away from my family and not see any of them for 8 months and I won't die. I can take the homesickness and missing the kids, it hurts, but it also made me stronger. 

Life has been good to me. 
I'll do my best to be good to it.

And it has taught me this

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