Sunday, March 9, 2014

25 DAYS!!!!!

I'm so excited! 
25 days until I fly back Saskatchewan!!!!!!

The time is going slow, but also flying by! 
I am sad to leave everyone. I'm trying to get school worked on. Plane ticket getting bought. Stuff getting packed up. Reality will hit me about a week before I go. 

Right now I am waiting for my sister to let me know if it's a good time to call. We had planned this call a couple days ago and then I went and left my phone charger at work, so I have to use the house phone here. It's fine but I was looking forward to facetime with her!

I can't believe that I only have three weeks left here! 

My mind won't concentrate at all today. I am trying school and I can't think, so I go and try surfing the web and I can't concentrate on that either. Maybe the reality is settling in right now. LOL!
So I was smart and went and made myself a coffee. That will help me concentrate for sure! Okay, maybe I wasn't smart. Whoops! 

Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!!!!! 

Here's an update for how I look! Well, a couple weeks back. But not much has changed since the picture was taken. 

On other news, spring has come! The yard is slush and mud. It smells amazing! Chores no longer require wool socks, leggings under my pants, gloves, or double sweat shirts under my coat! 
This makes me happy because I hate gloves! They take away feeling. I have to feel stuff to be able to understand it. So I hate gloves! And there is your rabbit trail of the day, and random snidbit about me. You're welcome!

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