Sunday, March 30, 2014

On to New Horizons

I am currently listening to Elvis! 
Feeling happy because I was able to go into Vernon today and buy some clothes without getting frustrated and coming close to tears. This is a big accomplishment for me! I have a lot of trouble with knowing what will look good on me, or together. 
I was able to buy a couple tops and a cute dress. Can't wait for summer to be able to wear summery clothes! 
I am also happy about how my school is coming along. I am working on the unit review/send-in for unit 6. 
I will be able to send it in on Tuesday and then take my unit exam hopefully on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

My last day of work is Monday. I am so sad to leave all the people at WCRC. I fit in quite well there! Gonna miss the other CAPYI, Roy, as well. 

Tuesday I get my follow up shots and see my doctor for the last time. 

Thursday I say goodbye to my life here in "Beautiful British Columbia" and fly home to "The Land of Living Skies" 
I can't wait to see my sister! I am excited to see all my friends again, being able to see for miles, give my horses hugs and kisses, work my old job, drive my van (never thought I'd miss it), and do anything else I want to while living on the best prairie land in the world! 

I can't wait to be able to ride my boy, Coyote, down the back roads. Jogging or full out running. 

I am excited to see what life has in store for me! 
Here's to life and love! 

Live your life with love. 
Love how you live your life. 
Life is nothing without love.


  1. Live your life with love.
    Love how you live your life.
    Life is nothing without love.
    Well said :D