Monday, June 2, 2014

The Unseen Universe

The universe is all tied together. We only feel/see/smell/interact with a very small part of it. I am hypersensitive to moods and feelings in the air. This is true with people or nature. I walk through the bush or the pasture and feel the life (or personalities) of the trees, water, grass, flowers, etc. 

Sometimes I get overwhelmed while walking through a crowd of people, there is so much happening that my senses go into over load and I start to panic, then I end up shutting off my feelings. This causes me to get very quiet and sometimes sulky. I try to not shut down. Yesterday I managed to not. We walked into the crowd at The Forks in Winnipeg. It was Winnipeg Pride 2014. Lots of people, happy people, people not afraid of being different. 
My senses got overwhelmed, I started to panic. But I did manage to not shut my senses off. I tried to understand why I was panicking. 
I still haven't figured it out completely yet. My closest idea is that I was taught to hide my differences, these people were proud of theirs! I am rather in awe of them, they are doing what I want to do. And because I am just started on my journey to being confident and being proud of me differences I am very sensitive to those vibes. 

Here is another random bit that I wrote and then it didn't fit in. It's on the same subject but a little different. 

Some houses scare me while others feel like they are embracing me when I walk in. Sometimes it's the people that live in the house but other times it's in a completely empty house. Almost always I get the 'embraced' feeling when I walk into a barn. Animals don't create the bad spirits that people do. Everything has a spirit. I didn't used to think that way (because I was raised thinking that that would have been witch's talk, {and thinking that witches were bad}). I do a lot by feel, I will touch a tree, put my hand on the fence, etc. Even non-living things (such as fences) have spirits.                                                                       
 This is my view. I am no longer religious in the sense that I go to church, read the bible, pray. Instead I let my senses take over and I am much happier, peaceful, connected, and focused. 

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