Monday, November 10, 2014

Lest We Forget

In Canada we choose to show that we remember our soldiers by pinning on a poppy and holding services, in the US they call it Veterans day and have different proceedings. 
But we are all remembering the same thing. We remember our family, friends, and strangers that have fought for the freedom of our countries. 
In my own family I have many people to thank. I know that at least one of my Great-Grandpa's (Leon Leonard VanderMolen) served in the Army. I have uncles and cousins that have or are serving now. 
My uncles Kris H. (Army or Navy I can't remember), Kenneth W. (Navy), Gary J. (Army), Duncan F. (Army),  and cousin Karista B. (Army), all served when they were younger. My cousins, Kylie O. (Army nurse), Levi W. (Army) and one of my other cousins that I haven't met yet are currently serving. Levi is on his second deployment right now. 
I also have many friends that have served or are currently serving. 

I am very grateful to all these people (and to the people I don't know) who have done so much to keep our counties safe. 
Thank you! 
May you never be forgotten!

Maybe someday I can join you in the work you do.  But for now I'll pin on my poppy and attend the service to say thank you. 

Sister countries whose sons and daughters fight side by side. 
My homeland and my adopted home. 


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